Mobile Device Printing In 5 Minutes

Breezy Connector

Download and Install the Breezy Home Connector

To enable secure mobile printing to your home printers, download and install the Breezy Home Connector on your PC or Mac.

Download for PC

Download for Mac

Breezy Mobile Apps

Download and Install Mobile Apps

Once the printer and PC are set up, install the Breezy App (available for iOS and Android) on your mobile device.

Launch Mobile App

Happy Printing!

Launch the mobile app and follow the easy steps. The app has built-in integrations with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Breezy also allows printing from the Web, photo apps, and at public printing locations.

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What Makes Breezy So Easy?

Breezy for Home Diagram

The Breezy Connector installed on your PC acts as a queuing system for documents sent from mobile devices. No printer drivers required – if you can print from your PC or laptop, the Breezy Connector lets you print from any mobile device running the Breezy Mobile App.

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