D is for Dashboard

Breezy Dashboard

The Breezy Dashboard, available to Enterprise Edition customers, is your hub for managing a complete, secure mobile print infrastructure.

Through the Dashboard, you can:

  • Customize the access granted to users. Administrators have full control over what can be printed and where — including in the office, at home, or at any of the thousands of Breezy partner locations.
  • Review audit history and view the list of the documents printed, including document name, user, status, printer name, and date printed.
  • Set defaults for email-based printing on corporate printers.
  • Manage Breezy Beacons to support native AirPrint printing from iOS devices on any Wi-Fi subnet.
  • Configure single sign-on for secure access to enterprise print resources without the need to share ActiveDirectory credentials outside the firewall.
  • Enable pull-printing support via integrations with popular providers like Equitrac, Papercut and Ringdale.
  • Manage user groups and authentication methods.

Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.