Top Tier Law Firm Uses Breezy Email Printing for Spectacular ROI

Posted on July 14, 2015

We spend a lot of time here on the Breezy blog talking about enterprise mobility, mobile security, and related topics, but traditionally we haven't focused on the real customer successes that drive our business.

That's changing today, with the introduction of a new feature on the blog: the Customer Story.  Once a month, we'll bring you a true story of one of our customers, highlighting the kind of customer, the printing problems they faced and how Breezy worked with the customer to solve the problem. 

Let's get started with a recent example:

The Customer:One of the world's top five law firms, with thousands of employees in dozens of countries.

The Problem: A meeting of the global partnership was coming up fast, and IT needed to deploy a printing solution that could handle the influx of partners flying in from around the world.  It needed to be simple, reliable, and --crucially-- so easy to use that absolutely anyone could use it. 

The Breezy Solution: The firm had recently purchased a Breezy license but had not yet rolled out to users, and wanted a solution that could be deployed in minutes and used without any apps. 

The solution was simple: in under 5 minutes, the firm used our email printing feature to create a secure, monitored email address for each of the printers they'd set up for the conference. 

Results: Over just four days, more than 20% of attendees needed the the simple, streamlined printing capability we provided. Over 100 users printed nearly 300 times, often sending more than one job at a time.  In all, Breezy's system processed nearly 1,000 print jobs for conference attendees -- in an average of under 20 seconds each.

Business Impact:  "Time is money" - and that's nowhere more true than for attorneys, who typically bill time in ten-minute increments.  Our customer was no exception, with partners billing several hundred dollars per hour on average. 

Assuming that users had an average billing rate of $500/hour, and the solution saved them an average of 5 minutes per document vs. logging into a computer, downloading the document, opening it up in Word, Excel, Acrobat etc. and printing it, we can calculate the customer's savings as follows:

994 print jobs 5      minutes per job $500/hour / 60 minutes/hour ========================= 994 5 500 / 60 = $41,416.67

In other words, Breezy provided our customer with $40k in ROI in just four days -- and we hadn't even started full deployment yet!

If you think that sounds compelling, wait till you hear some of our other customer stories. We'll share another one next month!

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