Why Email is a Hot IT Topic Again

Posted on April 07, 2015

The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in 1971, and it's been the workhorse powering corporate IT for decades. But lately, many CIOs and IT staffs are taking a closer look at email again. Now that most employees are connected to email around the clock, the once nearly-forgotten workhorse has become a hot topic in IT circles again.

Why? Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are now the fastest-growing segment of the computing market but the ability to securely print from mobile devices hasn't kept pace with their adoption. IT staff and administrators can't possibly keep up with the challenge of managing every possible print driver for every printer. Add in multiple operating systems for the mobile devices themselves, and the security challenges inherent in consumer-oriented apps device owners download from public app stores, and it can create a messy situation that creates security vulnerabilities.

Mobile users want a simple, secure way to print from their mobile devices, and companies want a user- and IT-friendly solution that prints from a wide range of mobile devices to a wide range of printers without compromising security or exposing sensitive data to a possible man-in-the-middle breach. That's where email comes in.

"Email is the common denominator for almost any mobile device," explains Prat Agarwal, director of business development at secure mobile printing leader Breezy. "Email printing is included in all of Breezy's enterprise products. Organizations with limited printing needs or a smaller printer fleet can choose the email print option by itself, allowing employees to print from any device that can send an email.

"Printing is an essential business tool but until recently, there was no effective way for secure, easy printing from a mobile device. Breezy lets users securely print emails, documents, photos or anything else in seconds from any device, just by sending it to the printer's email address."

App Printing vs. Email Printing

When mobile device users first try to print from their mobile devices, they often search in vain for a native print function and then turn to the app store in search of a solution. Once there, they'll find hundreds of choices.

"The problem is, most of the choices are intended for consumer use, and don't take into consideration any need to protect sensitive company data," Agarwal says. "Worse, most of them are single-purpose apps such as a driver to allow printing from the iPad's Notes app to a specific brand of printer. And, worst of all, many of them collect and store information that companies don't want stored or accessible to a third-party."

Most enterprises find that they need both app and email printing for a successful mobile printing deployment. Breezy's secure mobile printing app is more visible on the user's device, which usually leads to higher usage, and makes it easier for users to select a printer. The Breezy app for Android or iOS also provides on-device encryption for better security, allows users to print web pages and images (not just documents), and provides more control of how the printed copy looks, with pixel-perfect rendering and user-selected options for black and white or color, number of copies, page size, etc.

A secure email printing solution is especially useful when a user has multiple attachments. "Law firms love it," Agarwal notes. "Also, apps can't print the contents of an email, and yet it can be critical to be able to print email content. This is a significant weakness in app printing."

Breezy offers users secure access to any company printer, from any BYOD or company-supplied mobile device without added compliance worries. Breezy's cloud printing solution can turn any existing printer fleets into a secure, mobile-ready network in minutes. On-device encryption ensure compliance and security so that data remains confidential, even in the cloud. Organizations with additional security needs or cloud restrictions can choose on-premise deployment to ensure that data never leaves the organization's secure internal storage structure. Email printing is included in all of Breezy's enterprise products. Organizations with limited printing needs or a smaller printer fleet can choose the email print option by itself, allowing employees to print from any device that can send an email.

State-of-the-Art Security, Productivity & Convenience

Without a secure mobile printing solution, endless hours can be wasted opening email or files that have already been read on a mobile device on workstations just to print. Breezy can eliminate this tedious problem for visiting guests, board members, salespeople, executive and employee who want to print a document or an email from their phone.

Security is at the core of Breezy's service. Breezy uses TLS encryption to ensure that data is not compromised at any point. Breezy's simple, one-time setup comes with on-going support from California-based engineers.


The illustration shows how email can be printed securely on an on-premise deployment, ensuring that data does not leave a secure corporate mail server or protected internal storage.

  1. Corporate mail server receives email print job (can be sent by internal user or guest).
  2. (Step 2-3) Rendering Engine checks account(s) on mail server and then renders document for printing.
  3. (Step 4-5) Breezy Cloud provides "traffic control", informing Connector when the document is ready.
  4. (Step 6-7) Connector obtains rendered document from on-premise storage and sends it to the printer. Breezy logs print job for compliance and cost recovery.

Breezy offers device and operating system agnostic secure mobile printing with on-device encryption for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Breezy's secure mobile printing technology is fully integrated with leading EMM providers like AirWatch, Citrix, Good Technology, IBM (Fiberlink's MaaS360), MobileIron and many others, and can add an extra layer of protection to the mobile devices that connect to your network or store your data. For more information on mobile device security and secure mobile printing, watch this video from Breezy, download The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a free ebook, or click here to schedule a Breezy demo now.

Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.