66% of Businesses Rely on Android, But 40% Worry about Security

Posted on March 20, 2015

According to a new study from SOTI, more than two-thirds of global businesses consider mobile devices running some variation of the Android operations system to be integral to daily operations. At the same time, 40% of those businesses still have concerns over how secure Android devices really are.

In the study, SOTI found that 30% of respondents use multiple devices, with 13 percent of Android users also utilizing iOS devices and 28 percent of iOS users also accessing Android at work. That means that there is a real need for management solutions that can support a broad range of mobile operating systems with a comprehensive mobility strategy.

More than two-thirds of those polled say they use their devices multiple times per day, with almost one-third reporting almost constant device use through the workday.

Thirty-six percent of IT respondents said that security and privacy were the largest concerns regarding Android device use in the enterprise, while another 32% said that the lack of clear separation between personal and work content was the greatest concern.

Nearly half said their company had no official management program for mobile devices in use. The study says that Android devices were long considered the "black sheep" of the enterprise, and that many IT departments had been less than welcoming to them. However, the new study shows that fewer than 10% of respondents now feel that Android devices are no longer integral to daily operations.

What changed? User Behavior

"For many enterprises, it wasn't a question of a change in strategy or management attitude about Android devices " it's the fact that employees continue to select Android smartphones and bring them to work," explains Jared Hansen, CEO and founder of secure mobile printing leader Breezy.

IDC says that Android dominates global smartphone sales with an 85% market share. The IDC report and the SOTI study back up Hansen's assertion that consumer behavior is behind the growing acceptance for Android devices in the workplace. IT literally has no choice in the matter since 67% of respondents claimed to use their devices multiple times per day, and 32% claimed they use their devices "constantly". SOTI wrote, "This doesn't mean almost one-third of employees are playing Candy Crush or swiping for dates on Tinder. They're not only utilizing their devices for personal use, they're increasingly making mobile devices their de facto standard tool to conduct critical business tasks and accessing corporate data."

With mobile devices, OS does not stand for "one size fits all" " and that's particularly true when it comes to IT support for secure mobile printing, tools to protect sensitive company data, and the policies that make enterprise mobility management (EMM) workable in today's mobile-centric environment. The new study says that 30% of study participants use more than one device " and likely more than one OS. Thirteen percent of Android users in the SOTI study also use iOS devices while nearly 28% of iOS users also use an Android device at work.

P.S.: Privacy and Security Still a Big Concern

Even though Android devices are no longer considered second-class in the enterprise, the SOTI study said that many in IT continue to have serious concerns about the privacy and security of mobile devices running Android operating systems. Almost 40% of the study's respondents were concerned about the security and privacy of Android devices in the enterprise, and 32% cited the lack of separation between personal and corporate data as their largest concern.

"The biggest surprise for me in this study is that nearly half of the study participants said that their company does not yet have an EMM solution in place," Hansen added. "Nearly half of them are concerned about privacy and security, but don't have a system in place to manage mobile devices at all."

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