Is Mobile Device Spying Revealing Your Company's Secrets?

Posted on March 17, 2015

How much information about your company's employees, processes, and daily operations is being revealed to outsiders through the mobile devices carried by your employees? According to new data from two different sources, it's probably a lot more than you think.

A recent study conducted by Veracode has revealed that the average global enterprise has approximately 2,400 unsafe applications installed in its mobile environment, that's a given really worrying.

Veracode has analyzed hundreds of thousands of mobile applications running on the devices in corporate environments, the experts examined mobile apps across various industries discovering 14,000 unsafe applications.

"Most users never think about what a smartphone or tablet is telling the world about them," says Jared Hansen, CEO and founder of secure mobile printing leader Breezy. "But IT doesn't have the luxury of turning a blind eye to the fact that mobile devices know where employees go, who they talk to, what they read, where they print documents, and so much more. But do you know what that little device is telling the world about you. It knows where you go, who you talk to, what you read, and so much more. That's why managing the apps installed on mobile devices is so important."

An infographic from breaks down the kind of information smartphones collect about users, and says that over 140 million phones are actively tracking users on any given day. So what do you do about it" Hansen says that a proven enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform such as AirWatch, Citrix, Good Technology, IBM (Fiberlink's MaaS360), or MobileIron " all integrated with Breezy's secure mobile printing technology " is the first step. "The second step is employee training. Your workers are a kind of human firewall that can do far more to protect your enterprise than any technology solution, so recruiting them in the battle against unsafe apps is critical," Hansen says.

For more information on mobile device security and secure mobile printing, watch this video from Breezy, download The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a free ebook, or click here to schedule a Breezy demo now.

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