How to Select a Secure Mobile Printing Solution

Posted on February 26, 2015

Breezy is a secure mobile printing system that lets users print from mobile devices. Every customer has different needs and requirements, so it's vital that we understand each customer's needs and criteria for judging a secure mobile printing solution before we begin an on-site evaluation.

To do this, we've developed an evaluation process that allows us to prove the value of our solution in a client's specific environment.

If your IT department has spent much time considering a mobile printing solution, this roadmap we created for our system may help you find the best secure mobile printing solution for your needs. (Efficient printing has to include mobile printing these days' users expect access to printing resources from all of the devices they use for work, and will turn to consumer-grade apps and other workarounds if IT doesn't provide a secure, enterprise-ready solution to get the job done.)

There are five key criteria to consider when evaluating mobile printing solutions. They are:

  1. Access: Can your workforce use the devices they were issued by IT and the employee-owned devices they use at work to print easily to any company printer? Can they use printers at public places like copy shops and hotel business centers if they're on the road? Can they print on a home printer without resorting to an unsecured cloud storage solution to transfer the file to a desktop computer?
  2. Ease of Use: Can employees quickly and simply print documents, emails, images, notes and other information from their mobile devices? If it's too complex, or too difficult and time-consuming, most workers feeling deadline pressure will seek a work-around that may be less secure.
  3. Security: Is company data secure when it's in transit from the mobile device to any printer? When it's at rest on the mobile device? What if the device is lost or stolen ? can you quickly and remotely wipe company data?
  4. Print Accounting & Tracking: Does your company need to track how much employees print, who prints what, or need to link printing to billing systems so you can charge departments, clients, or individuals for printing? If so, you need to make sure that your mobile printing solution connects seamlessly with your print accounting & tracking system.
  5. Integration & Compatibility: Chances are you already have an enterprise mobility management (EMM) or mobile device management (MDM) solution to help protect your company and handle administrative tasks relating to mobile devices. Breezy is already integrated with the leading EMM and MDM solutions " is the mobile printing solution you're considering as capable as Breezy is of being installed and ready to use in minutes" How much time will it take IT to deploy and manage the solution?

Start with a Needs Assessment

Before you seriously consider any mobile print solution, it's important to take a close look at how your employees use their mobile devices, and what they want from a mobile printing solution. It's also important, of course, to look at your security and compliance needs. If your company is subject to FINRA, HIPAA, or PCI compliance rules " or any other form of oversight " you'll need to be sure that you balance the relative importance of ease-of-use, security, compliance, and access before you decide.

IDC says that half of all mobile device users don't know how to print from their devices. When Microsoft released Office for iOS, it added an update just 27 days later to include mobile printing, because that was users" most requested feature. But just what kind of printing do your employees need " are they printing important client presentation materials or contracts that have to be pixel-perfect or drafts for personal use" Where are they when they need to print " in the office, at a client's office, traveling and using a public print network" Questions like that make a big difference in the features you need from a mobile printing solution.

Security is, of course, at the heart of many of the customer requests we get for our secure mobile printing solution. According to the Ponemon 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average cost of a data breach last year was $3.5 million. You might not think of printing as a big security risk, but as Quocirca found, 90 percent of businesses admit they have experienced one or more print-related data breaches.

Remember that modern printers are rarely just printers " they are often networked multifunction peripherals (MFPs) with a built-in scanner or fax machine, and may have a large local hard drive where print jobs are stored before (and after) they are printed. And then there's the question of access to the printed material itself. How often have you walked up to a printer in the office and seen a document left in the printer tray" Pull printing (sometimes called follow-me printing) is a feature that requires users to be physically at the printer to receive a print job, so it can't be picked up by anyone else. This kind of physical security may be important in some departments (such as HR, accounting, legal and engineering), but may be critical in some companies where most data is sensitive (defense, health care, financial services, government, education, etc.).

Jared Hansen, CEO and founder of secure mobile printing leader Breezy, says that mobile printing can become the "missing link" that causes users to start their own shadow IT infrastructure. "There are hundreds of consumer-grade apps in the app store that promise to make printing easy for mobile device users. Many of them create unacceptable security risks for corporations, because they work by uploading or emailing files to an unsecured cloud for processing. So if you haven't yet considered a secure mobile printing solution, it's probably time," he says.

Breezy's secure mobile printing technology is fully integrated with leading EMM providers like AirWatch, Citrix, Good Technology, IBM (Fiberlink's MaaS360), MobileIron and many others, and can add an extra layer of protection to the mobile devices that connect to your network or store your data. For more information on mobile device security and secure mobile printing, watch this video from Breezy, download The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a free ebook, or click here to schedule a Breezy demo now.

Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.