Top Mobile Security Solutions Lock Down Data Not User Access

Posted on July 03, 2014

Is your EMM solution complete? It's not a question most IT managers really think much about. After all, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is defined as an all-encompassing approach to securing and enabling business workers' use of smartphones and tablets.

A strong EMM strategy will also help mobile end users work more productively by providing them new tools to do their jobs on smartphones and tablets. Enterprise app stores or other application delivery and deployment technologies are common components of EMM, as are identity management systems to control user access to these new tools.

EMM typically involves some combination of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile information management. These three technologies all address specific concerns but do not provide complete solutions to the problems that enterprise mobility can cause or exacerbate. For example, MDM protects against unauthorized device access, but it's powerless if the intended user forwards an email containing sensitive data to an unsecured or malicious recipient.

More and more EMM solutions providers and IT departments are realizing that there's a gap in traditional EMM tools, however. That gap is secure mobile printing. "It's a problem because workers aren't as productive as they could be without the ability to securely print from their mobile devices, and because mobile printing can be the Achilles heel that opens company data to outside threats," explained Jared Hansen, CEO of secure mobile printing leader Breezy.

Locking Down Data, Not User Access

Hansen says that companies have just two choices when it comes to protecting company data from mobile threats: locking down data with a comprehensive EMM solution that includes secure mobile printing, or locking down user access to company data and networks from personal devices. Although BYOD is widely viewed as unstoppable, some companies are bucking the trend.

ZDNet reported this week that 51% of CIOs in one survey say that they'd prefer a "choose your own device" strategy where the company offers company-owned devices to workers who get access to them for personal use as well. But this preference doesn't seem to be backed by corporate action, at least not in the U.S., where only about 24% of working professionals say they are reimbursed for using personal mobile devices for business or have a mobile device provided by their employer.

"For a lot of companies, the BYOD model is more a matter of accepting reality than a choice," Hansen says. "So if you are going to allow users access to your networks, the key is to protect your data with an EMM solution that protects it with the best possible mix of end-point security and on-device encryption. That's why all of the companies that Gartner identified in the 2014 Magic Quadrant for EMM solutions are integrated with Breezy."

With or without a BYOD policy, the business world has gone mobile. And an EMM solution that includes secure mobile printing is important whether you have employees spread across three floors, three buildings, or three continents.

Flexibility and connectivity that enables productivity are the imperatives that drive businesses to adopt mobile technology. And the need to secure multiple operating systems on multiple devices is essential to avoid inviting criminals into your network. One option is to adopt a solution that wipes employee-owned devices in the event they are lost or stolen, or when someone leaves their job. Not surprisingly, employees hate the idea that they might lose all of their personal files when they change jobs.

The other option is to close the security gap by protecting company data when it's at rest on the device, or in transit to an external site such as a public print network, Hansen says. "When I was working in a law firm, before founding Breezy, I realized that I wanted to close the gap " not interfere with individual's use of their own devices. So we built Breezy to allow maximum flexibility, with military-grade on-device encryption that protects company data. By seamlessly integrating our secure mobile printing solution with AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix, Good Technology and Fiberlink/IBM's MaaS360, we've created a secure environment that keeps company data secure without interfering with the device owner's content."

For more information on how Breezy works with leading EMM solutions to secure the "last mile" for company data, download a datasheet for Breezy's integration with any of the individual EMM leaders, or an overview of Breezy's Enterprise Edition.

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