Securing the Mobile Print Environment with MobileIron & Breezy

Posted on May 13, 2014

As you work to enable mobile productivity, have you thought about what happens to the paper-based portions of your workflow? For many companies, unsecured apps downloaded by employees seeking to print from their mobile devices can pose a significant mobile security issue.

Last week, Susan Watkins (Director of Product Marketing at MobileIron) and Jared Hansen (CEO and founder of Breezy) hosted a webinar that showed how the two companies provide a leading secure mobile printing platform that solves this problem. You can now view the webinar online at [](this link).

For most businesses, printing remains a critical function, and employees can't be fully productive without it. Breezy integrates with MobileIron AppConnect to ensure employees can print when they need to, while providing IT with the policy controls it needs. This collaboration ensures data at rest and data in motion are secure, while permitting employees to print on the go using their mobile devices.

The on-demand video of the webinar is now online and available for viewing. During the free replay, you can:

"I was pleased with the webinar, because I thought it provided a good overview of how Breezy and MobileIron work together", Hansen said. "I was especially pleased with the questions that attendees asked at the end of the presentation, because they showed that attendees were focused on specific situations affecting their organizations."

One of the first questions was_ What kinds of content to people use to print from mobile devices" _Hansen noted that this was once the primary question prospective customers asked " but they always posed the question as, "What do users really need to print?" Now, he says, the question isn't whether or not users need to print because it's become clear to IT that the demand is there. The question today is whether or not a mobile printing app can handle the document rendering required for the most common uses " sales literature PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and graphic images or photographs. " We see a nice mix of business applications, but about 10% of our print calls are webpages, photos, or other kinds of images. So how " and where " the print job is rendered really matters?, he explained.

Other questions posed during the Q&A included:

Watch the complete video here:

For more information about how Breezy and MobileIron work together to deliver end-to-end mobile device security with printer and device agnostic secure mobile printing, download the
datasheet on Breezy and Mobile Iron AppConnect integration, or download a copy of The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a free ebook from Breezy.

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