How to Add Secure Mobile Printing to Your MDM Solution

Posted on April 24, 2014

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide security, reporting, and management for mobile devices that access corporate networks. Gartner defines Enterprise mobile device management (MDM) software as a:

For the purposes of its annual Magic Quadrant ranking report, Gartner says that qualified MDM solutions should help enterprises manage the transition to a more complex mobile computing and communications environment by supporting security, network services, and software and hardware management across multiple OS platforms for corporate-owned and personal devices.

Gartner tracks more than 50 different MDM solutions, and the top five in its 2013 Magic Quadrant for MDM were AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix, Good, and FiberLink.

Breezy is fully integrated with four of Gartner's top five, as well as numerous other leading MDM solutions.

Why is it important for a mobile printing app to integrate with the leading MDM solutions?

Printing needs to be secured whether the user is printing in the office, at home, or on the road. MDM solutions don't typically secure mobile printing when a user prints to a printer outside the company network. This security gap can leave company data at risk, or even provide a wide-open invitation to a man-in-the-middle attack that can compromise data security.

"If you are using Breezy to provide secure mobile printing, and you're using one of the leading MDM solutions to control overall mobile security, then your data never leaves the secure ontainer provided by the MDM," explains Prat Agarwal, head of Business Development at Breezy.

Delivering What IT Wants

Of course, Agarwal says that security is just part of what IT wants when evaluating a mobile printing module for MDM. "By completely integrating with the leading MDM solutions, we're able to give IT more of what administrators want, like single sign-on and security controls by individual user or group, plus the ability to push Breezy to user's devices automatically so deployment is never a problem."

The market for MDM solutions has grown rapidly over the past few years as companies have adopted more consumer-designed smartphones and tablets that require them to enforce policies across multiple mobile operating systems. This year, Gartner predicts the market for MDM software to rise to more than $1.6 billion worldwide. Fewer than half of the companies in North America have adopted an MDM solution, Gartner says, but the number is growing as continued smartphone and tablet adoption drives the need for secure mobile printing and overall mobile device management and security.

Delivering What Users Want

IT and end users share some of the same goals such as flexibility, ease-of-use, and security without compromising user privacy.

"Flexibility means that users can print to internal corporate printers without a Wi-Fi connection, and print to any printer regardless of manufacturer," Agarwal says. "For IT, that means saving money, and for end users it means not facing the dreaded 'printer not found' screen when they attempt to print."

Ease-of-use for end users means that they can simply select what they want to print ? an image, a web page, a document ? select the printer they way to use, and follow the familiar steps to print. "Users don't want to have to go through a complex printing process that requires a separate login just to print," Agarwal says. "And they want the printer function from their mobile device to work the way they are used to printing from a laptop or desktop. So all of the heavy lifting required to make it seem easy has to be done by the printer app, in the background, so it seems effortless and easy to the end user. If you make it complex, users won't use the secure mobile printing app ? they'll download a consumer-grade app from an app store, and bypass company security policies."

IT, however, means something different when they look for ease of use in a secure mobile printing application, he says. "For IT, ease-of-use means that they get centralized IT management through a simple web-based dashboard or through their MDM. They also want single sign-on integration with their MDM and identity federation providers, and of course, they want complete IT control over the mobile printing functions and the app."

For more information about how to add secure mobile printing to your MDM solution, download a datasheet on the process. For more information on secure mobile printing, download a copy of The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a free ebook from Breezy.

Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.