Cloud Printing from Box the Easy, Breezy Way

Posted on March 21, 2014

Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service that has become one of the fastest-growing technology companies ever to have adopted a freemium business model, with up to 50 GB of free storage for personal accounts, and paid business accounts with larger file capacities. Until recently, however, to securely print a file stored on Box, users had to download it to a computer or mobile device, and print from the local device instead of the cloud.

Now, however, Breezy has integrated with Box to make it easier to print any content from any device to any printer so it's easier to get work done on the go. And Breezy's on-device encryption keeps company data secure, thanks to on-device encryption.

A video demo on the Breezy website shows how easy it is to use a mobile device and a public print network like FedEx Office to print a document. Just launch the Breezy app, tap "Box", select the content, and then tell Breezy where you want the document to go to be printed.

With over 4,000 public printing locations, Breezy has the largest network of secured locations around the world. Breezy's partner network includes FedEx Office, hotels, libraries, event venues and other public locations. Of course, users can also send the print job from Box to a home printer, or use their guest privileges to print at a customer location that allows guests to access the print network.

Who Needs Cloud Printing On-the-Go?

When early adopters first began bringing smartphones and tablets to work, many IT managers thought that the move to mobile devices would reduce the need for printing. "It turns out that there are many everyday business applications that still require printing," says Jared Hansen, CEO and founder of Breezy. "I founded Breezy when I couldn't find a secure mobile printing solution that worked for my law practice, and lawyers aren't the only users who need to be able to print documents when they're away from the office."

Every day, sales people print collateral, contracts, price lists and other critical documents while they're on the road or in a client's office. But they shouldn't need to carry a bulky laptop when a tablet will suffice. Secure mobile printing lets IT meet the sales team's need for print and enables cost savings without compromising security.

Real estate agents know that the ability to print a document anytime, anywhere, can make the difference between getting a deal done ? and losing it to another agent. Many of the documents Realtors handle are confidential, so a secure print solution for mobile devices is especially important to them.

Traveling consultants are among the most frequent fliers on the planet. Their need to print documents securely is so important that many travel with their own portable printers. It's a consultant's dream come true: an end to scanning through hundreds of pages of documents on a small screen, or lugging a printer on every flight.

Field trainers at franchise companies, restaurants, retail stores and many other businesses often travel from city to city conducting staff training and evaluations. These trainers have a constant need to update and print confidential documents such as personnel forms and training materials. Adding a secure mobile print solution to their tool kit saves time, money and headaches.

Insurance agents meet with prospective policyholders in a range of locations ? and many state insurance rules require that applications be hand-signed in front of a witness. Until recently, that meant at least two face-to-face meetings, so that the agent could get the necessary application documents prepared and printed before returning them to the client for signing.

With a secure mobile printing capability, insurance agents can modify documents on the fly during a meeting, then print on any printer network, and get the application ready to submit in one meeting instead of two.

Of course, there are many other day-to-day business activities where the ability to print from a mobile device can add convenience or enhance productivity, including:

For more information on secure cloud printing the easy, Breezy way, watch this video from Breezy, or download The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing, a free ebook from Breezy.

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