Breezy Publishes The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing

Posted on January 20, 2014

It's the first time anyone has compiled all of the facts, figures, and information needed to decide whether your company needs a secure mobile printing solution ? and if so, to build the business case for purchasing one now.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing includes reliable, actionable facts about:

The 38-page guide is packed with information that isn't readily available anywhere else, and it's now available for free download at this link.

Jared Hansen, CEO of Breezy, explains why his company published the new ebook. "The number of mobile devices in the workplace is growing every day. And workers both need and expect to be able to print from those devices. That means that businesses can't afford to wait to find out how you can protect your data, control printing costs, and improve productivity by adding a secure mobile printing solution," Hansen says. "We get asked regularly how companies can build a business case for a secure mobile printing solution, and for the facts and figures about why the long-promised paperless office has never come into being. So we put the details into an ebook."

Shadow IT: How Mobile Printing Can Put Data at Risk

One chapter in the new ebook focuses on shadow IT ? that is when employees install apps that aren't managed or secured by the company's IT department, because they are searching for a way to accomplish a task. It's not new, but it's creating a significant security problem for many companies as mobile devices proliferate.

Careless employee behavior has always put company data at risk. Human failings such as lost laptops and passwords jotted on sticky notes have made headlines around the world when data breaches have occurred. But what about when employees are trying to do the right thing by being productive, but inadvertently leaking sensitive data in the process?

Survey after survey shows that if employees can't print from their mobile devices, they will engage in behavior that can seriously compromise security such as transferring files to a cloud storage site, or emailing it outside the network to an unsecured desktop computer (at a business center, for example) where they can print it. Fewer than one in 10 mobile device users know that there are malware apps that don't attack the infected device, but lie in wait to attack other computers or networks to which the device subsequently connects. Even fewer, about one in 10,000, realize that many mobile apps are designed with risky behaviors as a core part of the app. According to Network World, at least 80% of mobile apps have built-in security and privacy holes designed into the app. Some apps request permissions that aren't used by the app, creating a built-in security hole that hackers can exploit to steal unencrypted data.

For example, many unmanaged mobile apps obtain permissions to:

With the demand for mobile printing growing every day as users become more mobile, and with so many risks attending many of the ways users solve the problem on their own, it's never been more important for IT to provide a secure, standardized mobile print solution for their organizations.

Find out how your company can keep your data secure without causing productivity problems for employees, and get your copy of Breezy's new ebook today.

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