Survey Says: Employee Behavior Creates Mobile Security Risks

Posted on September 05, 2013

Two recent surveys confirm what many IT managers have long suspected: if employees are unhappy with company policies on mobile devices or strict mobile security policies that they see as hindering their ability to get work done, they will find a way around the policies so that they can use unsecured devices to access company files.

Every day, IT walks a fine line between balancing mobile security issues and giving people the tools they need to get the job done. Every day, employees move sensitive data around. IT is in charge of securing that data, but what about things like secure mobile printing that tend to fall through the cracks?

Employees cite the need to work while "on the go", as well as the difficulty of complying with company mobile security policies as reasons for violating policy. For most IT managers and compliance officers, however, the reasons for the security risks posed by mobile devices are less important than the fact that sensitive data is being put at risk.

For example, a survey done by Harris Interactive on behalf of Fiberlink asked 2,064 U.S. adults about their mobile behavior. Most of the survey respondents said their behavior was "just an effort to get the job done", but they could still expose sensitive corporate data.

Among them:

The Fiberlink survey adds some disturbing detail to this by reporting that 51% of employed U.S. adults surveyed who have personal smartphones/tablets use these mobile devices for work-related purposes and a third of those in the survey reported that they have lost a USB drive with confidential information on it.

Dont Add Mobile Printing to Security Risks

One of the employee behaviors that could put company data at risk is transferring files to unsecured workstations (desktops or laptops) because employees need a way to print files stored on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, there's a simple, easy-to-use solution that gives employees real ease-of-use and secure mobile printing from any device.

That solution is Breezy. It's the only scalable solution that can handle high-volume mobile printing to any printer on any network, from any mobile device, with secure device-level encryption for sensitive data. But don't take our word for it. Check out what Gartner had to say about Breezy in its 2013 report on Cool Vendors in Imaging and Print Services.

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