Sneak Preview: Looking To The Future With A New Breezy Logo

Posted on March 15, 2013

As we head into the weekend, we thought you'd enjoy a preview of our new modern logo and design direction.

Did we dislike our original logo? No! Actually, we are all quite fond of it and feel it has served us well over the last couple years. But like any forward thinking brand, we think change is good - and we believe our new logo clarifies, and launches Breezy into our next phase of growth.

We will miss the always enjoyable musings about our original logo, including "It's Breezy! Easy!", "Are you sailors?", "Are you a clean energy [wind] company?", "Are you a Cloud provider?", "Life should be Breezy!" and my personal favorite: "Your logo just makes me happy when I see it." Now I can't argue with that one, so why make the change?

Changing your corporate logo or tagline is not something you do lightly, no matter how big or small your business. It is the visual representation to the world at large of who you are as a company - including employees, products, services and reputation.

I'm sure, at this very moment, you can rattle off a few brands that have changed logos or taglines for better or worse: Apple, Pepsi-Cola, Shell, Ford Motor, Starbucks and Microsoft all come to mind. (And for those interested in the art and science of logo design, here's a cool blog post that looks at the transformation of well known company logos over time:

In the two years since our original logo was developed, Breezy has grown to become the leading mobile printing platform for the security minded enterprise around the world. As our base of global enterprise customers and technology partners has grown, we felt this was a great time to strengthen and position our logo with our future direction in focus.

Sarun Pinyarat, a new design intern at Breezy, was excited to explore visual opportunities that highlight the brand and our key business elements: secure, mobile, print, cloud, integrated system, easy to use, and of course our name, Breezy.

The new logo needs to work across multiple formats, including web, print, mobile app icons across multiple devices on iOS, Android and Blackberry, quick launch icons and system tray icons - and it needs to be uniquely and easily identifiable as Breezy.

While the image of a cloud printing a sheet of paper is not exactly new, the visual solution Sarun came up with captures the key markers of Breezy?s business, and graphically indicates some differences from our competitors.

All the elements of the logo are interconnected, and can be read clockwise as a cycle: from the beginning of the process ? ?b?, up to the cloud, then down to the end ? ?y?, the outcome is a securely printed page. Since the word ?breezy? is among very few that can provide such a seamless form, it reaffirms exactly who we are:

The world's leading provider of fully integrated, secure mobile printing.

The interconnected aspect of the logo is a key differentiator of Breezy's platform in relation to our competitors. We believe the ecosystem is as important as the app in providing the user with a secure, functional, seamless experience. Breezy integrates with leading mobile security platforms, identity federation companies and pull print providers to provide a cohesive and secure end-to-end experience.

Mobile printing in a business setting is rarely a standalone event. The user needs to access secure information across various types of apps and devices, and then securely make the information available to Breezy for encryption and transmission to the printer of choice. Breezy ensures all these pieces of the puzzle work seamlessly behind the scenes, allowing the user to print easily, when and where they need to, from any mobile device.

You'll be seeing the new logo soon across our website, documentation and mobile apps. We hope you like it!

To learn more about how Breezy works for the mobile enterprise:

For a closer look at Breezy's Enterprise Edition, download the datasheet:

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