5 Benefits Of Pull Printing For The Mobile Enterprise

Posted on March 14, 2013

Breezy's Secure Mobile Print Platform Supports Leading Enterprise Pull Print Systems.

Oakland, CA, March 14, 2013 - A question we hear often at Breezy is, "What is pull print and what does it do"? The reality is the vast majority of people we talk with have actually been participants in a "pull print" activity without knowing it.

So, what am I talking about? Pull Printing is a term used to describe a print function that enables a user's print job (file) to be held on a server until the user performs some type of authentication at the actual printer location which then releases the print job to the printer.

User authentication is simply the act of identifying to the pull print system that the user has the authorization to release the actual file to the printer to be printed.

Where have you likely seen this type of pull print functionality? It is common practice within healthcare, education, legal services, and many businesses to require users to swipe or enter their ID badge or ID number into a device attached to the printer. This authorizes and enables the local printer to pull the file that is being held on the server and actually print it.

Pull Printing is also commonly used in public libraries and on university campuses where both authentication and payment may be required to print a file. The user is first required to swipe or enter a library card or student ID number at the printer location and then is prompted for payment based on the number of pages being printed. Payment options may vary to include coins and bills, credit/debit cards or a third-party system.

Breezy uses pull printing within the app when a user chooses "Nearby Printers" to GPS locate and print to the nearest Breezy Partner Network location. When printing to a nearby FedEx Office location the user receives a release code in the recently printed folder. The release code must be presented to the staff at the FedEx Office location in order to release and receive the printed document. Why does pull printing matter and how does it benefit you and your information? Let's look at 5 primary benefits:

  1. Security Companies utilize pull print systems to ensure an additional layer of security for the user and their corporate data. By requiring authentication at the printer location, the user is physically authorizing access to the privileged information and is present to receive and pick up the document.
  2. Waste Reduction: How many times have you walked over to a printer and found a stack of printed documents that have been sitting there for days? Another favorite - the catch tray wasn't open so now pages are strewn about the floor for all to read. With Pull Printing the print job is not instantly released to the printer. It waits on a server and has a timer associated with the job. If the user doesn't physically authenticate and release the print job from the server to the printer within a set period of time the print job "times out" and is deleted. The timer is an additional security feature that ensures unprinted files are not sitting on the print server indefinitely.
  3. Cost Control: In addition to the waste reduction of unintended prints or never retrieved page output, pull print systems can set user permissions which determine the printers and finish options available. This allows a company to control user access to the large format, full color, Xerox MFP using heavy paper stock and instead direct user access to the black and white printer with draft quality output on low quality paper.
  4. Improved Productivity: Pull print systems can route a print job from the print server to any number of networked printers within the company, allowing the user to authorize and release the print job to the nearest located printer.
  5. Reduced Equipment: Because the print server can send print jobs to multiple printers, businesses can centralize printer locations to service more employees with fewer actual printers.

Breezy's secure mobile print platform supports pull print systems from Equitrac, GoPrint Systems, PaperCut, Pcounter, Pharos Systems, Ringdale's FollowMe and Levi, Ray & Shoup (LRS), among others. This ensures that regardless of the pull print system in place, the user can print using their mobile device and can authenticate with the appropriate pull mechanism across the organization.

The mobile workforce gains the ability to simply and securely access and print business information whenever and wherever it's needed. Breezy's secure mobile platform expands the productivity of an enterprise's existing print infrastructure while allowing the IT administrator to maintain the pull print costing and security authentication benefits at the local printer level.

To learn more about Breezy's Print Technology Partners: http://www.breezy.com/print-technology-partners/

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