User Story: Breezy Saves A Date Night

Posted on March 08, 2013

Rock On, Breezy! You Saved The Show And My Date Night!

Oakland, California, March 08, 2013 - A funny thing happened on my walk home from my local BART train station the other night. I was carrying a number of items in my hands that identified Breezy, the company where I work and I was shuffling up the block towards The Ramen Shop, which is the new "Hot Spot" restaurant in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland when all of a sudden this guy from a crowd of hipsters waiting for their table shouts out, "Yo, Breezy, you guys rock!"

I'll admit, I think what we do at Breezy is pretty cool but getting a "You guys rock!" exclamation from a skinny jean-wearing, mustachioed hipster waiting for his Ramen fix was certainly a first, considering Breezy is recognized as the world's leading secure mobile printing platform.

With equal parts humor and curiosity brewing, I stopped at the gaggle of hipsters and asked this guy, "How do you know about Breezy and what would make you shout out at me, 'Breezy rocks'"? The guy started laughing and said, "You guys totally saved my date with my wife the other night!"

Completely intrigued I asked if he'd give me the skinny on how Breezy actually saved his date night. This guy began to tell me how he'd arranged a fun night that was to include dinner and a concert for him and his wife in San Francisco. Their evening started off without a hitch as they enjoyed a delicious meal and drinks at Nopa on Divisadero Street and following their meal planned on enjoying some live music from a band they loved (whose name I've forgotten) playing in a venue nearby.

The guy proceeds to tell me how he had purchased the tickets for the show online and being "green" and all, chose not to print out the tickets, in favor of just using his "e-tickets" on his phone. So he and his wife show up at the venue, he grabs his phone and shows the woman at the ticket stand the image of their tickets. She politely replied, "Sir I apologize but we do not accept digital tickets. We don't have anyway to process them. In order to see the show you will need to provide the printed tickets." He tries to convince her to make an exception but with no such luck.

At this point the guy is not happy, as home is back in the East Bay and there is no person or place he knows near the venue where he can find a printer to print the tickets. So his wife questions, "What about the AppStore? Can we find a place to print them"? Apparently, his e-tickets were on his iPhone so he pulls out his phone and performs a quick search in the AppStore for "Mobile Print" apps and comes across Breezy.

He reads about the Breezy Partner Network and the ability to GPS locate public print locations nearby on a map in the app. He downloads the Breezy app, signs up and pastes the tickets into the clipboard and then chooses "Find Nearby Public Printers" to print. The Breezy App locates a few different FedEx Office locations within a stone's throw of the show. They print the tickets to the nearest location that happened to be within walking distance. They make the 10-15 min walk to the FedEx Office location and show the release code from the recently printed folder to the FedEx staff member who prints out their tickets. They pay for the page and are on their way back to the venue having only missed about 20-30 minutes of the opening act.

They hand over their "paper tickets" and head in and enjoy the remainder of the opening band before the main act comes on stage. They finish out their date night on a high note! I never got the guy's name and this exchange lasted all of 10 minutes or so, but it is certainly the most fun random interaction and user story I've heard to date. I couldn't pass up sharing with you all. So don't worry, Breezy's got your date night covered! Rock On!

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