Breezy and Box: Secure mobile printing for Android

Posted on June 25, 2012

Back in April, Breezy was one of the first to integrate with Box's OneCloud platform on iOS.  This allowed users to print from Box on iOS devices in a secure and user-friendly way.  

The integration has been a big success (and even led to Breezy being featured on a Box billboard). So we're thrilled to announce today that, once again, we're making up the vanguard of enterprise mobility apps by integrating with Box OneCloud on Android.

The Box team has done a great job building the OneCloud platform, and the integration looks great _- _even better, we think, than on iOS.  

To print from Box for Android, just tap the "Open..." button, select "Print/Fax with Breezy" from the menu, and select your printer.  Check out the screenshots below to see how easy it is!

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Easy to deploy and manage

Customers report that Breezy installations are among the easiest they’ve ever seen for an enterprise product.